Company Policy Declaration

Idea Mode was founded in the 80’s based on the idea of Company that Enrico Felici and Maria Grazia Barbetta had in their minds and hearts: a project to be developed together with their staff, an idea where to transfer the love for a job and the culture of Italian craftwork.

The company’s policy of Social Responsibility originates from that “idea” and is the representation of the principles that have always been at the base of the company.

For the Managing direction working at IDEA MODE means:

♥ Share with the staff the love for the company and this sector and the pride of each attained goal

♥ Innovate, research, experiment, “play” with shapes, fabrics and colors

♥ Give value to team work not focusing on the self that creates competition but on communion that leads to the success of a department

♥ Give respect creating a “confidence” chain that enhances the feeling of belonging to the company

♥ Create a company culture going beyond the  company itself involving all suppliers in the correct management of  staff in the approach of work and reliability.

The choice to implement a Managing  System of Social Responsibility is the natural consequence of the course taken so far from the company  thus making  it also visible from the outside. The achievement of the certification becomes equal to reliability within an economic scenario not always sensible to the working conditions of the people operating in the segment.

The general goals of the company can be summarized as below:

Respect of the international principles, ILO regulations, national and local laws and the requirements endorsed by the company and SA 8000 principles

Constant dialogue with the involved parties within and outside the company

Adhesion to initiative of social character

For the achievement of the up mentioned goals the Direction is engaged to take a proactive role in the promotion and  guide for all the activities having an influence on Social Responsibility and working conditions within the company

The guide lines for the achievement of the up mentioned goals concern:

The support and the protection of human right through a “fair” treatment of workers.

Protection of the rights of the weakest categories:

➢ Minor workers through their non employment and the prevention of child labor and the protection of young workers

➢ Women and everyone coming from other countries and that have different cultures, religions and personal opinions through the disavowal of any form of discrimination and the acceptance of “differences”

➢ The respect of free personal choices through

➢ The disavowal of forced labor or other forms of coercion that do not allow liberty of employ

➢ The respect of workers’ right to form and join trade unions of their own choosing and to bargain collectively

➢ The guarantee to not discriminate the workers’ trade union representative and the liberty of the same to freely communicate with their own members within the workplace

The safeguard of health and security through the employ of all necessary measures to prevent accidents and injury to health arising out of, linked with or accruing in the course of work, limiting, to the reasonable possible extent, the causes of danger deriving from the workplace.

The respect of moral and physical integrity of workers through:

➢ The avoidance (direct and indirect)of physical and mental abuse or any form of corporal punishment

➢ The avoidance, at whatever level, of behaviors that can be sexually coercive, threatening, offensive or aiming to exploitation

➢ The safeguard of workers concerning working hours and wages through

➢ The respect of the pertaining laws and everything  envisaged in SA8000  regulation concerning working hours (regular and overtime) confirming the voluntary basis of overtime

➢ The respect of wages standards through the payment of wages complying with the sector standards

➢ The guarantee that illegal, unauthorized or disciplinary deductions from wages shall not be made and that the composition of wages and indemnities is regularly and regularly described in pay rolls

➢ The set up and the active maintenance of a managing system complying with SA 8000 “Social Accountability” regulation through :

➢ The preservation and the constant monitoring of the degree of the system’s conformity to laws, regulations and other requirements subscribed by Idea Mode, handling the discrepancies with adequate corrective actions

➢ The set up of training and awareness building programs for workers at all levels to promote the Social Accountability (providing the necessary know how for implementing it) and the knowledge of workers rights

➢ The preservation of an adequate level of communication with the involved parties, within and outside the company, also referred to one own policy and performances

➢ The evaluation and the selection of partners that can share with Idea Mode the respect of Social Accountability, monitoring their actual engagement and starting eventual corrective actions

➢ The development and the set up of procedures for the handling (survey, handling and correction) of issues notified by workers or other parties concerning the non conformity to the present Policy and SA8000 regulation

➢ The election of the Social Accountability Representative identifying in the person of Mr Flavio Bistocchi, who, independently from other responsibilities (being financial or productive) has the authority and the responsibility to make sure that the requirements of the present policy, SA8000 and all relating documentation are met and implemented.

➢ The guarantee to workers to freely chose their own representative with the task to ease the relation with the managing direction for all aspects linked to the present policy and SA8000 regulations

➢ The identification of goals and aims for the permanent improvement based on the principles expressed in the present document.

Perugia, 21-09-09


The President, Enrico Felici